VenaSeal medical adhesive for Varicose Veins


VenaSeal is a minimally invasive procedure in which a catheter is placed into the vein and VenaSeal medical glue is injected to seal off the problematic vein, giving patients incredible results and lessening the risk of complications.

VenaSeal is totally different than other nonsurgical and surgical methods for resolution of enlarged veins. It uses a specialized “glue” that seals the “leaky veins” and patients are able to go back to work the next day. Also, it is the only vein procedure that does not need to have compression stockings worn after being performed. Our board-certified vein doctor, Dr. Donna D’Alessio, expertly administers the VenaSeal treatment on patients in the Bedford Hills and Westchester areas alone and combined with other vein therapies such as sclerotherapyradiofrequency ablation or varithena to effectively handle a variety of vein conditions and return your legs to their original beauty.

VenaSeal™, which utilizes a safe and powerful medical adhesive to seal targeted veins, forcing blood to flow only through healthy vessels. By sealing vessels without heat, VenaSeal gives patients incredible results while lessening the risks of complications. For many patients, this groundbreaking new technology from Medtronic may be the perfect minimally invasive option.

The first step for patients receiving VenaSeal™ for their varicose veins is a thorough evaluation of the leg vessels. The entry site is chosen, and the area treated with local anesthetic to ensure minimal discomfort. A tiny puncture is made in the skin, through which the VenaSeal™ device may be inserted. The FDA-approved adhesive is then delivered along the entire length of the targeted vein, to guarantee complete closure.

After only 30 minutes, the average VenaSeal™ procedure is completed, and patients can resume their normal daily activities with only minimal recovery time. Rates of complications are much lower, as no heating element is involved, and only one needle stick is required. It is not necessary for patients to wear compression stockings after treatment with VenaSeal™. Instead, patients can live their lives with improved confidence and reduced symptoms.

VenaSeal Benefits

  • Safe

  • Little discomfort

  • FDA-approved

  • Fast procedure

  • Little to no down time

  • No compression stockings needed post-procedure

  • Combinable with other vein procedures for maximum results

  • Conducted in a comfortable, luxury medical setting

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Frequently asked questions

VenaSeal FAQs

Who are the best candidates for VenaSeal?

The best candidates for this procedure are patients who have symptoms like pain, cramping, swelling, burning, itchy sensation, or heaviness in their legs. Patients who present with visible spider or varicose veins may have underlying vein disease which would qualify for VenaSeal.

What happens during the procedure?

During VenaSeal anesthesia is applied to numb the area of the procedure site. A small incision is made on the leg and a small catheter is then inserted into the varicose vein that has venous insufficiency. Using a medical adhesive solution, the vein is sealed off. This procedure is minimally invasive and has a quick recovery time.

Does the procedure hurt?

There is minimal discomfort with this procedure. An anesthetic is used on the leg of the patient in order to numb the inside of the leg so the patient has no pain. Patients are able to walk and return to their normal activities within the same day.

What is the recovery like?

VenaSeal reduces discomfort and recovery time since it is the latest in vein removal technology. This special vein adhesive seals the vein and only with one needle stick to perform. Also, something else that is very unique is that is not necessary to use compression stocking after the procedure. It is unlike traditional procedures such as laser or radiofrequency that uses thermal energy, which need to have compression stockings used afterwards. Compared to heat procedures, the VenaSeal experience is less painful and results in less trauma or bruising. Patients may go back to their daily activities following the procedure.

Are there any side effects to VenaSeal?

Some potential risks include an allergic reaction to the adhesive, and phlebitis among others. However due to the minimal invasive technique and reduced recovery time, VenaSeal is a favorable treatment for venous insufficiency.

Does insurance cover the treatment?

Because VenaSeal is still a very new technology and procedure, it is likely that your insurance may not cover it. The good news is, if you call our office at (914) 864-2140, we can discuss an affordable way for you to get treatment.

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