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Nov 27

“Blasting” Fat Away: A Deeper Look into Laser Liposuction

Defining Laser Lipo

Laser Liposuction or Laser Lipo is a new kind of cosmetic procedure where the aim is to remove body fat. It is a more advanced version of traditional liposuction, except for the fact that the procedure uses lasers to break up fat instead of tubes that suck out fat.

Knowing If you’re Eligible to Undergo Laser Lipo

Some people may experience a stubborn area of fat that doesn’t go away no matter how well or how many times they exercise in a day. In most of such cases, people resort to body contouring medical procedures such as Laser Liposuction to get rid of persistent areas of fat.

While Laser Lipo is known to be safer than traditional liposuction, it’s important to know that even safe procedures have requirements/limitations to ensure the patient’s safety. Here are examples of the following requirements you must/must not have in order to be an eligible candidate for Laser Liposuction:

  • Your weight has been stable for six or more months
  • You’re not taking any medications that might lead to complications
  • Your expectations for the results/procedure are realistic
  • You’re at or near your target weight
  • You’re generally healthy
  • You fully understand the procedure you’re about to go through, especially its risks and benefits

The Benefits of Laser Liposuction

Laser Lipo has most if not all of the benefits of traditional liposuction and more. In fact, this fairly new technological advancement even addresses and solves some of the disadvantages of traditional liposuction.

Aside from giving patients a slimmer and more well-shaped figure, Laser Liposuction has plenty other benefits, some of which aren’t even present with traditional liposuction. Here are some mentioned examples of the other benefits of Laser Lipo:

  • A small tube called a cannula is the only invasive aspect of the Laser Lipo procedure. This makes the treatment only minimally invasive, whereas with traditional liposuction, slightly bigger tubes have to be inserted in order to pump/vacuum out the fat. This also means that scarring is quite minimal, in fact the incisions made to accommodate these small cannulas are so small they don’t even need to be stitched closed.
  • Due to the use of advanced laser technology, Laser Liposuction is known to be a more efficient fat removal procedure compared to its older version.
  • Since Laser Lipo is significantly less invasive compared to traditional liposuction, recovery time is a lot faster and more comfortable. Since only tiny incisions are made, nerves and muscles endure less damage, bleeding and bruising is also lessened. Patients are known to only have one day off from work to rest well and can return to walk the following day.
  • Tumescent fluid is a type of solution that is injected into fat before the liposuction procedure as this helps with the fat removal. A lot of this fluid is required for traditional liposuction, but only a little is needed for Laser Liposuction.
  • Patients can see the procedure’s results a lot sooner than traditional liposuction. After just one week of Laser Lipo treatment, you can already see the improvement and results, whereas it takes two to four weeks for traditional liposuction results to show.

Laser Lipo Westchester

There are a good number of eligible clinics in Westchester that provide safe Laser Liposuction for those looking for a way to get rid of persistent fat. However, also remember that regular exercise and a good diet are needed to maintain that perfect body shape!

If you’re having trouble looking for a great clinic, try visiting Bellava MedAesthetics & Plastic Surgery to get only the best treatment from Dr. Chang Soo Kim.

Dr. Kim is an expert at a wide range of cosmetic surgeries aside from Laser Lipo, as he can also perform breast augmentation & lift, facelifts, fat transfers and more.

Dr. Kim can give you a safer body contouring procedure, but remember to do your part to keep your body looking great!

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