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Nov 10

Saying “Goodbye” To Unwanted Hair through Laser Hair Removal

What is Laser Hair Removal?

This is the procedure of removing hair by destroying the hair follicles through exposing them to pulses of laser light. It’s considered to be one of the most common cosmetic procedures done in the United States as it completely eliminates unwanted hair and prevents it from growing back.

The Laser Hair Removal Procedure is most popular among women due to its more permanent results compared to other hair removal techniques like waxing, tweezing, and shaving, etc.

What Are The Benefits I Can Get From Laser Hair Removal?

The procedure is known to be one of the most effective types of hair removal treatments available not only in the United States, but in other countries as well. While it may be more expensive than other types of hair removal techniques, the results are more permanent and you’ll most likely not have to go through the procedure again.

Laser Hair Removal has numerous benefits aside from giving some of the best hair-free results. For you to learn more about these benefits, we’ve listed a few examples below:

  • The procedure is done in a very precise manner. The laser specifically targets hairs that are coarse and dark, and doesn’t damage the surrounding skin. Although some patients may experience a little bit of a burning sensation, the skin mainly doesn’t sustain a lot of damage. The only thing that is actually burned is the hair follicle.
  • As mentioned earlier, Laser Hair Removal has proven to be highly effective in terms of permanent hair loss or reduction. After completing the required number of sessions, hair rarely grows again. When it does grow back though in some cases, they turn out to be lighter, thin or very fine, and sparse. Technically there’s still a tiny bit of hair, but it’s so minimal that it’s hardly noticeable.
  • When it comes to shaving, people often complain about how coarse the hair is when it grows back after a short while. This often results in rough skin, and eventually hair gets thicker and thicker the more you shave. It’s a different story with Laser Hair Removal and its use of laser technology to remove hair from its follicles. After the treatment and a short recovery, the skin feels smooth, soft and most importantly free of hair. The results are somewhat similar to when you get waxed, only during waxing the hair still grows back over time.
  • A lot of people who shave will probably agree to the fact that it consumes a lot of time. Waxing is faster, but depending on your pain tolerance and the area to be waxed, it can still take a while to completely finish. Laser Hair Removal is more or less a little faster than waxing, as it takes only about 15 minutes to half an hour for a session to finish. Although this will still depend on the area of treatment, the patient’s pain tolerance and body size. However, some patients have reported that Laser Hair Removal is a lot less painful compared to waxing, so there’s a bigger possibility that it’s a faster process than the latter.
  • The tendency of having ingrown hairs is a lot less likely when it comes to Laser Hair Removal. Ingrown hairs happen when the hair is unevenly broken by the use of a sharp tip. This occurrence is quite common for people who shave, and even to people who wax since the aggressive nature of waxing can irritate the skin. Laser Hair Removal rarely leads to ingrown hairs since instead of cutting or pulling out hair, it burns off the hair follicles, making the hair that can grow back very thin.

Where Can I Find Laser Hair Removal Clinics?

It’s easy to find clinics in the United States that offer Laser Hair Removal, Westchester for instance is a great place to start looking. Like I mentioned earlier, this treatment ranks as one of the most popular and commonly done cosmetic procedures in many different countries.

Bellava MedAesthetics & Plastic Surgery’s Dr. Chang Soo Kim is one of the doctors you can talk to about Laser Hair Removal. Even for surgeries that seem as simple as Laser Hair Removal, it’s still of utmost importance to find a well-trained, experienced and board-certified surgeon. Dr. Kim falls right into that category!

Laser Hair Removal is a great way to get rid or significantly reduce the growth of unwanted hair for a longer and even more permanent amount of time. If that’s something you’ve been looking for and desiring after, then set a consultation with Dr. Kim, who can give you what you need!

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