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May 30

Body Image and Fashion

Fashion is by definition an ever changing thing, but it is easy to forget that fashion is something that not only has to do with clothing and accessories, especially in Westchester, New York. This means that we no longer need to look at who is wearing what, but how they are wearing it and of course sizes.

In the past, there was a general trend towards smaller clothes because catwalk models could only be successful in size zero. This meant that women in places where fashion is a major contributor to what people wear felt like they always needed to lose weight and had unrealistic expectations of how they should look. This is no longer the case. There are countless examples of singers and actresses which have become a hit with curves and this is something the people of Westchester have recognized and are starting to approach in the same way as they were previously approaching weight loss.

The Reality Now

People take fashion seriously nowadays. If a model shows up at work and cannot fit into the clothes, it could probably cause serious damages to her career. Other people are treated like failure for not fitting into their outfit — to the point where some girls resort to drug use, become a cigarette smoker and an exercise fanatic.

It may not surprise you to know that there are now ways to get the new curvier figure without needing to work out what changes to your diet and exercise regime you need to make. A fat transfer can be made from an area where such a reduction is desired such as the thighs, arms, flanks or abdomen and moved to a place where it can enhance your figure. People are getting fat transfer surgery for the breasts, buttocks and face with great results. It is fast becoming one of the most popular surgeries and doctors such as Dr. Lyons at Bellava Medical Spa are saying that is the way forward for fashion and achieving the perfect figure you want.

The Main Solution

Plastic surgery can improve one part of your body by adding implants or tissue, or removing tissue. Fat transfer does both which simultaneously allows you to have a slimmer abdomen, smaller thighs or removes those seemingly immovable love handles while enhancing another part or your body to suit your needs. It is usually impossible for most women to get these desired results naturally because the exercise and dieting involved in losing weight from the troublesome areas makes it impossible to put weight on in the areas you want it. .

Thanks to Brazilian Buttock Fat Transfer performed by Dr. Lyons and his team of experts in Westchester you can achieve these previously impossible results. So if you want to keep up with today’s changing fashion in a healthy way, come in to Bellava Medical Spa in Westchester today, or contact us online or by phone to schedule your personal, no obligation consultation with Dr. Lyons.

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