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May 29

Why Choose SlimLipo™?

Today you may already realize that more and more people are turning to FDA-approved SlimLipo laser liposuction (laser-assisted lipolysis) from Palomar Medical Technologies instead of traditional liposuction. What might surprise you, though, is that a SlimLipo liposuction treatment is not just about losing weight. Instead this revolutionary laser lipo procedure is designed to re-sculpt parts of the body to achieve a more appealing shape or beautiful appearance. SlimLipo can address a wide-range of issues that old liposuction simply cannot for less time, less money and less risk. Plus the results are amazing. No wonder SlimLipo is attracting men and women of all shapes and sizes—both thin and heavy–spanning many different age categories.

You’ll want to choose SlimLipo if:

  • You can’t get your body back after baby despite diet and exercise.
  • Your upper arms are flabby and working with weights just doesn’t cut it.
  • You can’t get rid of saddlebags–that loose skin on your butt and outer thighs.
  • You have loose skin on your abdomen.
  • Your neck area has become jowl-y/turkey neck-like.
  • You’ve always wanted 6-pack abs but are not built that way even if you workout.
  • Your calves are too big and out of proportion.
  • Your knees look saggy and you want your skirt days back.
  • You want to feel better in your bathing suit.

Going under the laser rather than under the knife has many benefits. A SlimLipo laser liposuction treatment is not only a safer and far less painful way to remove body fat, but is also a much more elegant procedure. Rather than suctioning fat that’s still intact like old-fashioned lipo, the laser actually melts fat before it’s removed. First the laser wavelength gently liquefies fat that is then permanently removed from the body using a flexible plastic cannula (which is less invasive than the standard metal tube.) The second part of the Slim Lipo laser treatment involves skin tightening, an amazing technological advancement that is the real secret why this procedure is so superior to traditional lipo.

SlimLipo laser lipo does not leave dents or dimples that are usually associated with traditional liposuction. Instead the SlimLipo laser results in a smoothly contoured surface.

The dramatic skin tightening aspect of SlimLipo opens up entirely new frontiers. Not only is SlimLipo effective on the abdomen and thighs, but can also work wonders on classic difficult-to-treat areas such as the arms and neck and lower face area. Skin tightening effectively replaces the need for a tummy tuck or arm lift that often follow traditional liposuction procedures.

With SlimLipo, the laser liposuction physician uses local anesthesia, which means you’ll be awake during the surgery. Thanks to SlimLipo’s precision laser technology, most patients report feeling just a mild warmth during the procedure.

Most people who have had Slim Lipo experience little or no soreness afterward. Downtime is usually about 48 hours, depending on the area treated and in some instances, patients may resume activities the next day. You’ll see the difference right away although it takes about a month for all the swelling to disappear.With all these benefits, most folks agree that SlimLipo is a no-brainer compared to the old days of traditional lipo.

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