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May 29

The Wonder Of New Skin: Ablative and Non-Ablative Fractional Laser Skin Resurfacing

Do you have fine lines around your mouth or other parts o your face? Acne scars? Surgical scars? Deep wrinkles? Hyperpigmentation? Melasma? Stretch marks? If so, Fractional laser skin resurfacing, an amazing state-of the-art technology, can help you eliminate or greatly reduce these skin conditions.

How it works

Laser skin resurfacing involves short, concentrated beams of light targeted at the skin area that needs resurfacing. The laser beam used in laser skin resurfacing removes the outer layer of skin called the epidermis while at the same time heating up the underlying skin–the dermis–to stimulate the growth of new collagen, a type of protein that keeps skin looking firm and plump. As the area heals, beautiful new skin that is smoother and firmer with better overall tone is revealed. In clinical studies, Fractional laser skin resurfacing has been shown to be more effective than traditional CO2 laser treatments, resulting in fewer complications, less pain and faster recovery.

Fractional laser skin resurfacing is used to treat:

Acne scars: Bad acne is bad enough. Unfortunately, even when many cysts caused by acne or pimples “clear up,” unwanted acne scarring can remain. (Most major acne scars are caused by severe types of acne cysts, nodules and large lesions.)

Surgical scars: Scars from different types of surgery tend to be much deeper than scars caused by a minor injury. Unfortunately, surgical scars are often unavoidable ills that can last a lifetime and cause embarrassment for many people.

Stretch marks (or striae): Stretchmarks often occur after pregnancy due to hormonal changes or after significant weight gain or loss, and are a source of frustration for many women. Laser skin resurfacing can greatly reduce the appearance of stretch marks by inducing both collagen and some elastin regrowth.

Melasma: Sometimes referred to as “the mask of pregnancy,” melasma is a condition that includes dark patches or spots on different parts of the face such as the forehead and cheeks. Melasma can be induced by genetics, hormones and/or sun exposure.

Hyperpigmentation: Pigmentation is the color of people’s skin. Hyperpigmentation-uneven dark patch of skin–is caused by an increase in melanin, the substance in the body that is responsible for creating pigment.

Fine Wrinkles/Deep Wrinkles: Facial wrinkles run the gamut from fine to deep and can occur all over the face. For those wrinkles that are tough or impossible to correct with, say, dermal fillers, Fractional laser skin resurfacing can help. Examples include fine wrinkles around the mouth or on the cheeks, or deep creases on the chin or forehead.

Ablative Versus NonAblative Fractional Laser Skin Resurfacing: Nonablative Fractional laser skin resurfacing is used to treat stretch marks, acne and surgical scars, fine lines and wrinkles and melasma (patchy brown pigment). Usually a series of 3-5 treatments at 4-6 week intervals are required for desired results. Ablative Fractional skin resurfacing is used to treat deep wrinkles and tighten skin. It is usually accomplished with just one treatment, although older skin may require a second or third treatment. Laser skin resurfacing can be accomplished on an outpatient basis and is usually carried out within 30 minutes to 2 hours depending on the area to be treated. In addition, the revolutionary “laser facelift” can be performed with ablative skin resurfacing, a way less costly procedure than a traditional facelift.

If you are battling any of the above conditions, Fractional laser skin resurfacing can help you discover the wonder of new skin.

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