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May 29

The Answer to the Curvaceous Brazilian Butt by James R. Lyons, MD

The “J Lo butt” has been an aspiration of many of my patients through the years, and short of inserting a silicone implant, nothing else was reliable. The implants were painful and less than artistically optimal. I have seen so many patients who wanted that firm, bubble butt, though I could not recommend a procedure I felt would do the job. So, I sent them back to the gym to do more lunges, stairs, and squats. However, I also knew that the Brazilian shape butt is all but genetically determined, and their efforts would would be met with disappointment.

I am delighted to talk to you about the recent exciting trend in plastic surgery: the successful transfer of fat from one area where it is not desirable, to another area where it is! As a plastic surgeon and bodybuilder, I am aware that the shape of the butt is more influenced by genetics than the number of squats one might do in the gym. For those of you who want that full curvaceous look, but don’t possess the genetic makeup, this new technique is the answer. With the advent of the first FDA approved LipoTransfer System, The Adivive, the ability to transfer large volumes of fat to the butt, thus achieving that full, hard, bubble butt is here!

Where and how is this procedure performed?

This revolutionary system of transfer facilitates a lasting, even, elegant transfer of fat. Better still, it all can happen with an in-office procedure, no anesthesia required, and minimal recovery. The donor site is usually from the lower abdomen, thighs or flanks. After the new butt is sculpted with fat deposits, the process is completed with LaserLipo of the flanks and back of the thighs, literally “framing” the new butt.

The historical challenge of the fat not living.

Fat transfer from one area to another is nothing new. In fact, I have been doing different techniques for 25 years. The historical challenge was that most of the transferred fat did not survive. Not any more! With the advent of the Adivive system, which we now have at our office, the survival of the transferred fat is predictable and excellent. What does that mean, exactly? Well, I can now transfer large volumes of fat to augment butts! The results…very positive! This is the most exciting addition to my body sculpting menu.

How do we create a bubble butt?

Fat is taken from an area that you do not like, such as the lower abdomen or thighs. It is then processed in the closed system of the Adivive. From here it is delivered into syringes, ready to be used to sculpt a new butt. This is all done in the office, without the need for anesthesia and the recovery is remarkably minimal.

As a plastic surgeon who has specialized in lipocontouring for over 25 years, and a bodybuilder for 20 years, who has tried every technique to get that “J Lo” look for my patients, I enthusiastically recommend the LipoTransfer Butt technique.

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