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May 29

How To Turn Back The Clock in 2013: Trends In Cosmetic Surgery

Today people are not only living longer, but also looking younger, thanks to many innovations in the field of cosmetic surgery. Here’s a sampling of some of today’s most popular anti-aging procedures. Not only are they minimally invasive, but are also less risky and much less pricey than cosmetic surgeries of the past–and most important, have better results.

1. SlimLipo Body Contouring:
When diet and exercise alone won’t do the trick. Let’s face it. No matter how much you diet and exercise, some body fat just won’t budge. But there’s a solution. On a recent segment of his highly regarded daytime show, Dr. Oz highlighted one of today’s most amazing cosmetic medical breakthroughs: FDA-approved “Shrink Wrap” or SlimLipo laser liposuction. In the segment, LA plastic surgeon, Dr. Raffi Hovsepian, explained how this minimally invasive procedure combining liposuction and laser technology has resulted in body-transforming results for his patients, most of whom have dropped 2-4 dress sizes after the procedure, while avoiding the hip-to-hip incision of a tummy tuck.

A SlimLipo laser liposuction treatment is safer and far less painful than traditional lipo, plus it is a much more elegant procedure that can be customized for each patient. Rather than suctioning fat that’s still intact like old-fashioned lipo, SlimLipo uses a laser to melt fat before it’s removed. The second part of the SlimLipo laser treatment involves tightening skin to create a smooth, contoured surface. This innovative technology is effective on many targeted areas, including the abdomen, back, buttocks, chin and neck, love handles, male chest, inner thighs and upper arms. Lastly, SlimLipo is minimally invasive and performed under local anesthesia, has a recovery time of 1-3 days and is affordably priced.

2. Brazilian Butt Lift: The J-Lo Effect:
Thanks to stars like JLo, Sophia Vargas and Niki Minaj, size zero is out and curves are back in, making fat transfer to the buttocks–the “Brazilian Butt Lift”–one of the hottest cosmetic medical procedures available today. For those who want that full curvaceous look, Adivive, the first FDA-approved LipoTransfer System, can transfer large volumes of fat to the butt, thus achieving the desired “bubble butt” look. Traditionally, the amount of fat that survives in fat transfer procedures has been unpredictable and led to disappointing results. However, Adivive’s all-in-one system removes excess fluids and oils for higher quality fat grafts that deliver voluminous and smooth results with a 70-80% fat survival rate for a long-lasting outcome. Plus it all can happen with an in-office procedure, no anesthesia required, and minimal recovery.

3. Mini Facelift or “Weekend Lift”
After a certain age, some surgery is almost always required to restore a youthful-looking face, especially in the jowl area. The Mini Facelift or “Weekend Lift” restores the natural contour of the jaw line and tightens sagging, loose skin in the mid and lower face regions, softening deep nasolabial folds at the sides of the nose and mouth and marionette lines that extend from the mouth to chin area. The Mini Facelift procedure is less invasive than a traditional facelift, and because of the advanced techniques utilized also results in a refreshed and softer look rather than a “pulled” appearance with very minimal scarring. And like the other procedures mentioned above, it can be performed in-office with local anesthesia –and-costs you only 1-2 days of downtime with no pain, bruising or swelling.
Taking into account all of the benefits tied to the procedures listed above, it’s no wonder more and more people are turning to cosmetic surgery to recapture their most youthful appearance.

This article was written by Stephanie Susnjara, PR Consultant and Content Writer for Bellava MedAesthetics. For more info, you can reach a Bellava consultant at 914-864-214

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